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My name is Eve Squires, and I once was where you (quite possibly) are now.  As a mother of four children under 6 (who are now four under 12), I was beyond exhausted, so much so that my eyes stung and I felt physically sick a lot of the time. I was forgetting everything, was super clumsy and forgetful and I was completely overwhelmed, finding everything too much, however positive and ‘on top of things’ I was trying to be.  I was as run down as I’ve ever been, getting poorly almost double the amount of times I was used to.  Mouth ulcers were regular occurrences and my body regularly begged me to slow down; to change the narrative of night after night, week after week, month after month of broken sleep. The greatest sadness of all, though, was that I was not enjoying the precious years that we’re told are so fleeting.  I was not being the mother I knew I could be and this felt like such a waste.  I knew change needed to come, but I didn’t know where to turn, who to trust or how on earth to begin.

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